Writing in the Margins now exists at www.tiffanysostar.com. Head over there for up to date information about editing, narrative therapy, and community organizing services, as well as information on the six-month narrative therapy and speculative fiction course I’m now offering!

Writing in the Margins – it means a lot of different things. Writing from marginalized identities. Editing the current story. Making space and taking up space on the edges. Writing our own stories. Narrating our own truths. Writing ourselves into being, and into being whole. Seeing what is already present within us, and giving it voice and form.

Writing in the Margins has grown in two complementary directions – we’re offering more writing workshops, and now also offering one-on-one and group coaching for self-care, self-discovery, and self-expression.

Whether you’re navigating a gender transition or learning about your gender identity, experiencing another major transition such as divorce, new parenthood, changing jobs, or sudden trauma, or just trying to figure out how to make it through your days or strengthen your relationships, I can help. More information will be coming soon, and in the meantime you can book an appointment with Tiffany by calling (403) 701-1489 or emailing me at sostarselfcare @ gmail dot com.

Contact Tiffany for editing assistance for your book, article, thesis, or poetry by calling or emailing  tiffany @ writinginthemargins dot ca.

As always, all Writing in the Margins workshops and coaching sessions are queer-friendly and gender-inclusive, and welcome participants of all abilities, ethnicities, educational and experience levels. Whether it’s your first time writing the self, or a return to a familiar practice, Writing in the Margins offers a safe, welcoming, inclusive space for exploration and expression. There is never any obligation to share your just-written work with the group, and confidentiality is maintained in all workshops.