Building Confidence: Working With and Through Anxiety

Six 2.5-hour sessions, limited to 8 participants, $175

Many of us wish for confidence, for the ability to work through our anxieties, to move past them. For some of us, anxiety is a constant buzzing in the backs of our minds. For others it is crippling, paired with panic attacks and nearly-constant distress. Still others experience only intermittent anxiety.

Anxiety can impact anyone, sometimes situationally and sometimes chronically. And it sucks!

But anxiety is normal. We do not need to eliminate our anxiety, we simply need to work with it and through it. Anxiety is often an adaptive response to stress. It isn’t always the enemy, sometimes it is a misunderstood friend.

In this multi-disciplinary, 6-week workshop series you will explore the history and expression of your anxieties, and develop personalized coping strategies for dealing with both low-level constant anxiety and more acute anxiety attacks. This workshop uses writing as a primary method of engagement, and also includes elements of art, movement, and belief repatterning.


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