Writing in the Margins offers a variety of workshops that are designed to help participants write through issues of identity or orientation, to write through trauma or anxiety, and to provide a safe space for exploring a variety of sensitive topics. However, Writing in the Margins cannot provide emergency support, counseling or medical advice. If you need help, even if it is as simple as needing someone to talk with, the following are some queer-friendly resources.


Calgary Outlink Center for Gender and Sexual Diversity offers a wide variety of support and community groups for the LGBTTIQQ2SA communities, a resource library and a peer-support service. You can reach them at 403-234-8973. You can also reach their crisis support and referral line at 1-877-OUT-IS-OK (1-877-688-4765).

Janice Shigemi is a registered psychologist who is comfortable with queer, poly and kink clients. She can be reached at 403-660-1352 or janice@mypsych.com.

Down to Earth Counseling Services offers a wide variety of services, including youth and family counseling.

J.J. Miles is a counselor at the University of Calgary who also has a private practice, and he lists as his areas of specialization – “Areas of Specialization:  Marriage and family counselling, addiction counselling especially  for alcoholism and weight control, pain management, self-management  skill training, sexuality counselling with individuals and couples,  sexual abuse, homosexuality, transgender and transsexual concerns,  sexually unique behaviour, anxiety, stress, OCD, and peak performance.”

The Calgary Counseling Centre offers counseling on a sliding scale, which is an important factor for many people. They have a variety of counselors, and you can request a counselor with experience in your particular area of concern.

The Distress Centre offers 24-hour, free support. If you are experiencing an emotional or mental health emergency, these guys can help. They can be reached at 403-266-4356.


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