Good afternoon, Patchworkers, and writers at home!

A Friday prompt for you, before our meeting on Sunday. (And Sunday will be fun – I have a new prompt generator for us!)

So, make yourself a cup of tea or something else hydrating and delicious. Take a deep breath. Stretch your back, your neck, your shoulders and your wrists. Let yourself sink into your fictional world, and wander around for a bit before you start writing. Now, set your timer for 15 or 20 minutes and take a character into a part of your world that you haven’t explored before, and that they haven’t explored before. Maybe they’re visiting someone new, maybe they’re lost, maybe they’ve just started a new job or discovered a new market. See what happens!

Don’t forget that we will also have the opportunity to share our 1000-word stories on Sunday. If you’re writing at home, feel free to share your story by email, or in a comment.

And a bonus, the poem that was sent out to the Finding Water group for this week. The poet is Jillian Christmas, and I saw her perform at the literary cabaret in Vancouver. She’s fantastic!


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